TinyApps is a newsletter + blog breaking down nugget-size web applications and how they're built. Welcome!

What's a TinyApp?

A TinyApp is a web application that only does one or two things. They are illustrations of what web technologies can do, wrapped in a fun package. The apps can be written in frontend code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related frameworks, but can also be written in backend code, which spans a variety of languages.

Why write about TinyApps?

TinyApps may be small, but they pack a punch. Rather than writing about web development in a tutorial format, these posts take a simple but usable application and break it down into component parts, explaining each step in isolation.

New apps are released on TinyApps Tuesdays!

Who Writes This?

👋 I'm Saalik, a full-stack developer. With TinyApps, I'm doubling down on writing, clear thinking, sharing, and staying curious about the latest in web development.

You can find more (non-technical) writing on my website saaliklok.com and on Twitter: @saaliklok.